What is The Big Picture?

Industry is the lifeblood of Tasmania. It is the big picture. Sustaining and growing industry creates wealth for our state through the creation of direct employment and ensuring local contractors and suppliers have work.

The millions of dollars we pay in salaries, wages, government taxes and charges as well as direct investment through community programs and the purchase of goods and services from Tasmanian businesses and suppliers assists major community sectors including health, housing, education and tourism.

Our vital industries underpin the state’s economy – it is time for Tasmania to see the Big Picture.
Industry is the window to the international economy and from humble beginnings many businesses in Tasmania perform in global markets. Our products are taken from Tasmania to the world and it is time for Tasmania to be proud of our Big Picture stories.

Who are we?

We are Tasmania’s major employers, together we contribute in excess of $2 billion every year to the Tasmanian economy.

We are asking you to get involved and share your stories of how you fit into the Big Picture.

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